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Based on the Directive 2011/24/EU on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare an EU Citizen that my travel to another EU country can receive medical care. The Cross Border Services a) Patient Summary and b) Electronic Prescription records can be exchanged by the National Contact Point (NCPeH) of Cyprus to any another EU Country supports Cross border services.

NCPeH CY Consortium:

  • National Electronic Health Authority (NeHA)
  • Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • University of Cyprus (UCY)


The NCPeH CY cross border services was funded by the CEF INEA EU and by National Funds

The NCPeH CY cross border services is funded by the Investment 6 (Cl.116): Deployment of generic cross border e-health services in Cyprus, based on the decision, EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, 8.7.2021 COM (2021) 398 final ANNEX to the Proposal for a Council Implementing Decision on the approval of the assessment of the recovery and resilience plan for Cyprus.