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This document provides information on the purpose of cross-border healthcare as well as a statement of consent for the storage, use and exchange of individual medical and personal data in the National Contact Point of Cyprus [NCP]). The two services are in English language.

Introduction: The National eHealth Authority and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus are members of the European eHealth Network [eHN]. The Cross-border healthcare is a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union. To implement it, some of the Member States have decided to create an online joint platform between them, with the aim of exchanging agreed common information by individuals, in the form of:

  • Patient Summary [PS]
  • Electronic Prescription [eP]

Procedure: the joint platform will be developed by the European e-Health Network. Each member country developed its own "Electronic National Contact Point (eNCP)". This is interconnected with the corresponding National Contact Points in other European countries. Through them, a brief health history and e-prescription will be sent and received only for people who need urgent health care in another EU country. Interconnection will take place only with the consent of the individual.

Benefits: The participant will be provided with high quality cross-border healthcare as follows:

  • Providing secure access to your data when there is a need for cross-border healthcare (except Cyprus),
  • Reducing the incidence of medical errors by providing quick and secure access to patient health information anywhere,
  • Providing important information to medical staff in emergencies, reducing the repetition of diagnostic procedures and reducing the valuable time,
  • Secure identification of both the individuals and the health care providers.

Personal Data Protection: The National Contact Point of Cyprus is coordinated and managed by the National eHealth Authority, the Ministry of Health, together with the University of Cyprus. The "National Contact Point of Cyprus" is located within Cyprus and the data stored in an encrypted form. Only authorized personnel have access to data. The exchange of data within the National Contact Points of EU countries is encrypted form via a secure network (TESTA).

Confidentiality: The data will not be available to third parties (for example, insurance companies). The statistical processing of participants' data is anonymous and the identification of the individual is impossible.

Participation: It is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time, without needing to explain the reason.

Non-participation: For the purpose of cross-border healthcare, you will not be able to have an electronic health history or prescription in electronic form.

Right to withdraw consent: Tell your doctor or, alternatively, the National Contact Point of Cross-border Healthcare (see below). This will cause your data to no longer be stored and deleted from the database on request.

  • Information: National Contact Point eHealth Cyprus
  • Complaints: You have the right to submit them to the following organization

National eHealth Authority

67A Limassol Avenue,

2121, Aglantzia,


Call Center: 00357 22436000


Ministry of Health

1 Prodromou & Chilonos Street 17,

1448 Nicosia,


Call Center: 00357 22 605 300/301